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Why The Dojo? 

FacilitiesLounge area

At the Dojo you enter to a reception hallway where you walk through to the Lounge area with solid oak floors, leather sofas and flat screen TV, where you can observe training in the Main Hall.

The Hall (Dojo) is a fully air-conditioned room, 1500 msq, fully matted with disabled toilet. One side of the hall is fully mirrored and ballet bars for stretching the length of the hall. There is a traditional  Makiwara (striking post) as well as strike dummies, punch bags and many more changing facilitiespieces of training equipment. The changing facilities are located through the lounge area and are well equipped with showers, toilets, mirrors and hairdryers.


A great deal of time has been spent on creating a timetable that can provide quality sessions regardless of your level, from  absolute beginner to international competitor, from six year olds to seventy!

The adults have separate classes from the children with the children’s classes taking place Monday to Friday 5.00pm to 6.00 and Adults beginning at 6.30. We also have lunchtime classes for adults who struggle to attend evening classes.


The chief instructor is assisted by a team of highly experienced and dedicated instructors. Our aim is to help you reach your goals whether its fitness, self defence or becoming a top competitor we have the facilities and expertise to get you there.

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